I  have lost count on how many times I have started to create a blog that in the end never went live. One problem was that I was actually creating the blog, not just the content. Starting with one based on the MS stack several years ago and now most recently one based on node.js and angular/react or whatever new shiny angle bracket thingy.

Another problem probably is that I was trying to do the same as everyone else. Creating a blog about pure technical subjects (“How do I do this and that”). Which is not my main interest.

A while back someone told me that people/developers rarely think. They read something, in a article, a blog or social media and just accept it. In social media we see this all the time.

The scary thing is… This happens in the software industry too. We get more and more Voodoo programmers. Programmers that find a solution on Google and accept it without thinking if it is a good solution or if it fits with the rest of the application. Some developers get very efficient in this and produce lots of code without knowing basic principles of software development.

When I started to think about this my brain hurt. Maybe I was one of them? Maybe I had been doing the same and accepting things without thinking about them? This combined with a gnawing feeling that there are several things that are wrong with the software industry lead me to believe that blogging about technical solutions is not the way to go.

I will probably be wrong sometimes, maybe often or most of the times. I can even accept being wrong all of the time if I can inspire more people to take a moment to think Before accepting a solution.

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